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Dhyangro - Tibetaanse drum

r600 Dhyangro - Tibetaanse drum
r600 Dhyangro - Tibetaanse drum

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Oude Tibetaanse sjamaan rituele drum.

Handvat in hout met Phurba design

Wonderbaarlijke klanken

Oude trommel  drum uit Tibet

Handvat is phurba

61 cm

33 cm

12 cm

Tibetaans boeddhisme


According to availability, we have a selection of shaman drums from Nepal, India or Tibet.

The Tang Du (or Dhyangro) is the traditional drum used in the Himalayas by the village shaman (Jhankri) in Nepali & Tibetan ritual ceremonies. Carved handle in the shape of a Phurba (Tibetan ritual dagger), animal hide with rawhide lacing.

Drums of this kind are also used to invoke deities or to provide a gentle musical background for the singing of the orchestra of monks. The monotonous, even beat is ideally suited to accompanying meditation because it provides extremely suggestive and evocative vibrations. The gonkhang of a monastery - the room of the wrathful protective deities - often has its own monk appointed to bang a large drum uninterruptedly to honour and pacify the protective god Mahakala.