Asian Import - wholesale and retail
import from the Himalayan region
  • Tibetan singing bowls a very wide choice
  • Gemstones, crystals and minerals
  • crystal skulls from the Himalayan region
  • Authentic ritual objects from Tibet and Nepal
  • The largest choice of Buddha statues (old and new in bronze, copper, ...)
  • Oriental decoration new and antique
  • Buddhist objects and unique pieces from Tibet
  • Tibetan small furniture and temple cabinets
  • Tibetan jewelry
  • An unprecedented choice of polyester sculptures and decorations (Buddha, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, gnomes, angels, cows, pigs, sheep, crocodiles, chickens, horses, elephants, penguin skulls, snails, owls, ...

Our direct import from Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, India, China, ...
without an intermediary guarantees razor-sharp prices and a never-before-seen choice of oriental articles and garden images.

Through our years of experience and relations with various monasteries in the Himalayan region, and partly through our good contacts with the archaeological institute, we can have special pieces come to Belgium.
With us you will find the most rare and exclusive images and ritual objects from the Himalayan region.

We not only offer the largest choice and the best prices, but we are proud to mention THE SPECIALIST of import authentic ritual objects from the Himalayan region.

Our continuously growing customer base far beyond Belgium is proof of our commitment and impeccable quality standard

Look no further, we probably have it!


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